There was an excellent turnout this year for the 2015 Awards Party and the Crowning of the King and Queen of Strava.

Party was held at Ken and Sherry Naters House as we outgrew my home in just two years.

With over 65 in attendance, our largest turnout ever, we had plenty of Awards to hand out. Most of them made up of recognition of members who made a difference in the Midtown Group and had excellent performances in the racing season.

While we are not organized enough yet to actually account for all the race categories and wins, we made special notice to the team members who actually made a showing on the podiums.


King of Strava

  1. Anderson, David (380 points)
  2. Bell, Robert (360 points)
  3. Dunn, John (357 points)
  4. Cook, Tom (337 points)
  5. Schmeckpeper, Eric (314 points)
  6. Fountinelle, Tim (308 points)
  7. Broshat, Matt (290 points)
  8. Doiron, Adam (273 points)
  9. Halvorson, Mark (237 points)
  10. Best, Joe (219 points)

Queen of Strava

  • 1st Place – Sonia Pond
  • 2nd Place – Katie Bell
  • 3rd Place – Kate Davis

Strava Iconic Segments

  • 1st Place – Andy Keogh
  • 2nd Place – Robert Bell
  • 3rd Place – Matt Broshat

Rookie of the Year (Male)

  • Mike Palmquist
  • Shawn Scherr

Rookie of the Year (Female)

Katie Bell

Most missed ride starts award

Brad St. Mane

Ironman Triathalon Recognition

  • Vince Schaper
  • John Buttscha
  • Bob Thompson

Gravel Grinders

  • Al Hoffman
  • Rob Mosiman
  • Sean Mattner
  • Connie
  • JC

Podium Awards

  • Connie Wanberg
  • Joe Pond
  • Mark Halvorson
  • Sonia Pond
  • Matt Broshat
  • Robert Bell
  • Jeremy Myrum

Photo Gallery

Thanks to Tom Cook for the great photos!