This week’s time trial is flat and fast. We’re heading northwest out of the metro to Corcoran. There are hills, but they won’t slow you down too much so aero is still going to be a factor. Wind may prove to be a huge factor so choose your day wisely.

Route file:

As you can see from my high quality graph above, the steepest section you’re going to see is 2%. From my own experience on the course, the first “climb” feels really rolly. It’s hard to tell when it is over because the terrain is slightly undulating.

The first turn comes at mile 4.4 and the second at mile 6. The finishing straight feels like a long grind on mostly flat road.

The quality of the road is fantastic. You’ll be more safe than normal to spend some time looking down at the white line. As you can see below, the finish line is hard to miss. You’ll see it coming from a mile away. A double stop-ahead sign welcomes you home.

The finish line – A double stop-ahead sign.