Race Reports

Ken Woods Memorial – 5/25/15

Midtown Cycling had our greatest showing to date at the Ken Woods Memorial Ride on April 25, 2015! The course was a challenging 21 mile loop on paved roads, a couple rollers and a 1.3 mile 3% hill finish.

Connie Wanberg grabbed a solo break to capture 2nd in W4, Sonia Pond stuck with the chase group and netted 4th in W4. Micah Turman jumped on an early break group for 7th in M4. David Anderson had a mechanical (flat) that cut into his time, but he still avoided being pulled from the course. Mark Halvorson stuck the front jump to 7th in Masters 50+, John Dunn stayed with the pack and grabbed 12th in Masters 50+. Randall Huskamp, Tom Cook and John Buttschau all had amazing rides in their respective races, but opted for the fresh leg route at MN Ironman the following day!

The race split Cat 4 and Cat 5 due to the number of riders. Cat 5 had the largest showing with every Midtown Cyclist finishing top 20! The Cat 5 results included Benjamin Heintz 11th, Eric Pirius 16th, Tim Fountinelle 17th, Chris Mattson 18th and Doug Fountinelle 19th, they all worked as a team for Midtown!

Finally,  Joe Pond 3rd and Robert Bell 4th had a sprint for 3rd with Joe getting the podium finish! Andy Keogh technically rides for Erik’s, but he has been on Midtown rides, in any event, his 1st place in Cat 123 was very impressive! It was a great day for Randall’s Midtown Cycling Group!!!


Results from the  2015 Ken Woods Memorial Road Race !


THK – 5/18/2015

Midtown Cycling was present at the start of the 2015 road racing season in MN, our inaugural year and our first road race under the Midtown Cycling name. THK was moved from August to April for 2015, so it tests early season fitness. Midtown Cycling riders included Robert Bell, Doug Fountinelle and Chris Mattson all racing in Cat 5. Other Midtown riders that were present but racing for different teams (what!?) included David Anderson, Micah Turman and Andy Keogh.

The three Midtown Cycling riders were in for a good road race, perfect weather and a strong SE wind to kept things interesting. Cat 4/5 was off to a moderate to slow pace and stayed there throughout with a couple breaks that were self expiring, no one wanted to pull! Chris Mattson showed true grit by staying out front for a good portion of the ride, Robert Bell jumped out front but let the wind deter any ideas of an attack. Doug was positioned well and Chris grabbed his wheel for a lap.

The race came down to the last 4km where the front broke on a wicked descent, Chris and Doug were positioned well and able to grab wheels, Robert missed the attack, but caught the break going solo. THK finishes with a hill climb, it was fast due to the overall race pace being on the slower side, but that also meant teamwork was tough due to the hilltop frenzied run.

Midtown Cycing had all three riders finish in the top 20 after the climb! Robert Bell 4th overall (1st Cat 5), Doug Fountinelle 13th and Chris Mattson 19th,a great way to start the 2015 road race season for Midtown and we’ll  be back for more THK in 2016!

THK Road Race Results !